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“The ideas and skills that families bring to the school and, even more importantly, the exchange of ideas between parents and teachers, favors the development of a new way of educating, and helps teachers to view the participation of families not as a threat but as an intrinsic element of collegiality and as the integration of different wisdoms.”

- Sergio Spaggiari

Relationships at the Core

Learning happens when people interact, communicate and share ideas with one another. When they are surrounded by people they trust, children feel empowered to observe, experiment, express ideas, test theories, watch others and collaborate. Through interaction with caring adults, children feel secure and confident to take risks in their learning. Through interaction with peers, children challenge each other and expand their own thinking.

Adults, too, learn best through interaction with each other. Parents teach each other and teach teachers; teachers learn from working closely with other teachers and parents. Collaboration is the vehicle for enriched learning.

An essential goal of a Reggio-inspired program is to build and maintain supportive relationships between children, parents and teachers in every direction that lead to genuine, mutually empowering learning.

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