A dynamic forum focused on the experience of childhood and the process of learning

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that has 501c(3) status. Our Board of Directors is charged with building a supporting infrastructure and determining the Network’s strategic direction. The Board raises funds and decides how to allocate resources. Most Board work occurs in committees, where issues are studied, proposals developed and activities implemented.

We have four different committees. If you are interested in volunteering to help the Network, please email the committee chair of the committee you are interested in. If you have general questions, or would like to contribute to the Network in another way, please contact Barb Murphy at murph028@gmail.com Board Chair.

Resource Development
To develop the diverse sources of finance and material support to sustain the Network

Contact Marty Watson mwatson@dodgenaturecenter.org

To build relationships, plan communication and continually improve tools to highlight and elevate the work of the Network.

Contact Patti Loftus pattiroseloftus@gmail.com or Lani Shapiro lani.shapiro@gmail.com

Growth & Outreach
To expand the Network and to promote the growth of Reggio-inspired knowledge and practice.

Contact Ross Thompson rosst.med@gmail.com  or Heidi Wolf hwolf@bsmschool.org

Civic Engagement
To advance learning through inquiry and influence education policy by providing information and resources to policy makers, educators and other citizens

Contact: currently seeking leadership

Skill Sets We Are Looking For
We are looking for a wide range of skill sets to round out our committees. If you don’t feel like your skills match the skills below, we would still like to hear from you. The most important skills we need are people who are willing to collaborate, to do some planning up front, jump in and learn as they go.

  • Fundraising/grant writing, business, budgeting, data management
  • Social media, graphic arts, writing/editing, writing reflections on Saturday Gatherings, researching new content for website/blog, community organizing
  • Project management, event planning, experience with skills assessment
  • Knowledge of early childhood and/or K-12 education policy, web research skills, public advocacy, networking & lobbying skills
Our Plans Over The Next Few Years
  • build on the current infrastructure of the Network - improved database, archive, board development etc.,
  • continuously improve resources - website, newsletter, blog, events etc.
  • grow our civic involvement - collect evidence based research to support the Reggio approach, determine how we can better support Reggio-inspired practices trying to get accredited through state sponsored programs (i.e. Parent Aware) etc.

All content and articles may be used for educational purposes with proper citation (Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License).

Reggio-Inspired Network of Minnesota is a 501(c)3 non-profit located at 525 Pelham Blvd. N., Saint Paul, MN 55104 

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