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Seeing Possibility

18 Feb 2016 8:19 PM | Reggio Inspired Network of MN (Administrator)

In this documentation from Westwood Early Learning Center one sees observations, possibilities, and actualities.  In the observations, the reader sees the children’s ideas as they work together.  The possibilities are listed simply; a cluster of post-it notes of some possible outcomes with an invitation to add one’s own idea.  The actualities show the reader what actually happened with the project.  The layout of this documentation makes manifest the middle step, the step of possibility. 

The consideration of possibilities creates a pause.  This pause creates space to consider what the teacher saw, and to reflect on what he or she might offer next. 

Too often, the current discourse in American education says one must know the ending before one begins and the only question is, “How well did you get there?”  This documentation from Westwood shows another possibility in the classroom; teachers and students begin a project without a preordained ending, then question, reflect, and look for the answers together.

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