“Iwe givall children dignity and richness, everything changes on the administrative and political level.”

L. Malaguzzi

...a dynamic forum for collaborative inquiry, exchange, and advocacy focusing on the experience of childhood and the process of learning.

 “If we give all children dignity and richness, everything changes on the administrative and political level.”

- L. Malaguzzi

Welcome to the Reggio-Inspired Network of Minnesota, a broad gathering of educators and citizens from Minnesota and nearby regions, who work in a variety of schools and civic organizations around issues of education and democracy. Inspired by the innovative preschools and infant-toddler centers in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Network participants look closely at the “Reggio approach” as well as examine and discuss our local experiences.  Here you will find information, inspiration and resources. 

Enter, Encounter, Engage - 5th Annual Spring Conference: Stories from the Field

“The teacher’s job is to engage in a “relational creativity” with the child that both revels in the child’s creativity and stimulates the teacher’s own creativity to find ways to help the child observe, analyze, interpret and build theories.”
- Carlina Rinaldi

Join us on Saturday, May 14th, at Saint Paul's Childhood Center for a day of inspiration, reflection, and networking as we look through the lens of the guiding principles of the Educational Project of Reggio Emilia.  The day will include stories and presentations from area professional educators, a “Seeing Children Exhibit”, the opportunity to tour the Reggio-inspired St. Paul’s Childhood Center, and stories from the past year’s accomplishments of the Reggio-Inspired Network of Minnesota.  


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Scholarship - Application Due 5/25/16
This scholarship, established by the Network’s Board, is in honor of Sandy Burwell, a founding member of the Reggio-Inspired Network of Minnesota.

It sponsors an individual to participate in the Saturday Gatherings for a school year.  Anyone with a deep curiosity about Reggio Emilia is encouraged to apply. If you are awarded the scholarship, you will be asked to write reflections on some of the Saturday Gatherings.
Application - Word version
Application - PDF version    
To submit the application, you can:
  • Copy and paste the text into a Word document and email your application answers to Dan Morlock daniel.morlock@isd623.org. Or...
  • Print the document, fill it out, scan it and email it to daniel.morlock@isd623.org. Or...
  • Print the application, complete it and fax it to 651-646-7183 attention Dan Morlock.

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If you have a job that relates to Reggio-inspired work, we would like to post it in our Jobs Forum. Email reggioinspiredmn@gmail.com. We will post the job within the next 5 business days of receiving your email.

There are currently 6 jobs posted, click here to review the job openings.

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