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The Angela Day School - Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

  • 22 Aug 2022 7:34 AM
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    Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher Position

    Hiring immediately

    Closing Date: September 29, 2022

    Position Start date: January 3rd, 2023

    * Offering a $1000 hiring bonus for a limited time.*

    Statement of Inclusion: We are looking to hire the most qualified, experientially well rounded individual for the following position. While there are qualifications we would prefer a candidate already have, we will consider the whole picture of each candidate's qualifications in our decision making. Please do not refrain from applying if you do not meet a preferred qualification. We encourage all candidates to apply if this position speaks to your heart and reflects your aspirations and goals as an early childcare educator, because what isn’t already known, can always be taught. Should you choose to apply, we would be honored to receive your application. 


    The Angela Day School is seeking to hire one (1) experienced, ASL fluent pre-kindergarten assistant teacher to lead the ASL learning program and assist lead teachers atAngela’s Seeds, a new early childcare program projected to open in South Minneapolis in January 2023.  Angela’s Seeds is a multilingual, forest kindergarten, holistic education early learning program offering families a Spanish language and American Sign Language (ASL) learning environment for their children.  As founding teachers, educators will lead a mixed age prekindergarten program for 3 and 4 year olds, serving 20 children.  Educators will be responsible for helping to shape and develop childcare specific standards and curriculum aligned with antiracist and progressive pedagogical values. Educators will also work collaboratively with the board of directors to outline school culture, policies, and design the environment. Angela’s Seeds is a nonprofit organization and is a subsidiary of The Angela Day School whose purpose is to offer families from underrepresented communities affordable access to a holistic progressive education in a childcare setting and to support the educational mission and purpose of The Angela Day School. We will be conducting interviews between now and September 29th, 2022 to hire teachers to join as founding teachers. Educators will be compensated to work part-time during our start up period from September 1st - December 31st and will begin full time on January 3rd, 2023.  Interested candidates should contact us now to learn more and apply. 


    • Angela’s Seeds is a small, teacher-led and run, early childcare program where teachers have the autonomy to make decisions about the daily operation and management of the learning program. 

    • Our program operates on a sliding scale to increase accessibility for low income families and to ensure teachers and staff receive a fair wage

    • We blend a forest kindergarten learning model with progressive learning models like Waldorf and Reggio Emilia 


    Partnering with families to prepare young minds for future learning by offering a nature-based, antiracist, and culturally responsive holistic early learning environment


    Nurturing the best qualities of humanity; promoting social awareness, curiosity, and kindness in the next generation of learners


    To support the mission and purpose of The Angela Day School for Liberation and Progressive Education


    There is brilliance in every child. Our job is to simply offer an environment conducive to creative exploration and provide supportive guidance for it to manifest, because children thrive best when we engage their curiosity in learning more about the world around them. 


    Angela’s Seeds will offer families an early childhood development program that is grounded in the principals of how children learn as outlined by the Bezos Family Foundation’s Mind in the Making program and antiracism. We use Reggio Emilia and Waldorf pedagogies as the medium through which to teach and help early learners develop. And we offer the entire experience in a multilingual learning environment where children learn both Spanish and ASL. Angela’s seeds is a nature based program where a significant part of each child’s day is spent learning outdoors. 



    Responsibilities will include: 

    • Assist co-lead teachers in leading a pre-kindergarten class of twenty 3 and 4-year old children

    • Assist in the administrative management  of the pre-kindergarten program in partnership with co-lead teachers

    • Ensure proper record keeping for training requirements in partnership with co-lead teachers 

    • Design and implement an ASL focused curriculum 

    • Developing an antiracist, culturally relevant, and multilingual nature based kindergarten curriculum in alignment with the mission and purpose of The Angela Day School. 

    • Designing a curriculum in alignment with progressive education pedagogy and antiracist principles, including Waldorf  Education, Reggio Emilia, and Liberation Pedagogy

    • Designing a curriculum that incorporates principles of environmental and social justice

    • Developing strong personal relationships with families

    • Collaborating with pre-k lead teachers to develop a classroom learning environment and curriculum for students of all abilities to learn, grow, and thrive

    • Meeting students where they are developmentally and organizing a system of classroom community development that doesn’t exclude students because of behavior, instead utilizing mindfulness, movement, conflict resolution and restorative justice techniques to promote community and inclusion

    • Engaging in regular monthly evaluations of the teaching program and student growth with colleagues 

    • Writing and submitting evaluative reports of teaching practices describing and analyzing successful and unsuccessful innovative teaching practices

    • Participating in ongoing professional development and growth through continued education trainings and certifications

    • Working with lead teachers to assess student growth

    • Participating in the governing, academic, and administrative management of the school


    The ideal candidate would possess the following qualifications and meet the following requirements:

    • Fluency in American Sign Language

    • A minimum 2 years of teaching experience in a early child care setting or with young children (0 -7 years old) in a school setting

    • Applicants must meet the requirements for employment  as an assistant teacher in an early childhood classroom and provide documentation as laid out by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Requirements can be found here: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/rules/9503.0033/

    • Must be up to date and maintain up-to-date training, certifications, or other requirements for a child care teacher including pediatric first aid and CPR training.* (see list of training requirements here) Documentation required. 

    • Must pass a background study

    • Comfortable working and teaching outdoors in all weather conditions  for 3 - 4 hours a day.

    • Previous teaching experience with Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, or other comparable progressive education pedagogy preferred, in cases where no experience exists additional training will be provided  

    • A sincere interest in developing a learning program using both Reggio Emilia and Waldorf pedagogies 

    • Professional experience with or a commitment to developing culturally responsive teaching, antiracist teaching, anti-bias, and/or decolonizing practices 

    • A commitment to working with students of all abilities

    • Able to collaborate with fellow teachers and willingness to provide constructive feedback

    • Ability to work well in a laboratory model where innovation, regular reevaluation, and change are central to the early childcare program and teaching culture 

    • Willingness to consistently reevaluate teaching practices and make changes where necessary

    • Comfortable working in a multilingual work environment

    • Have an unwavering commitment to the vision, mission, and goals of Angela’s Seeds


    Preplanning work and preparation: New hires are required to attend a program orientation training as well as complete all required training by September 29th, 2022 or the earliest possible date. During the planning period, between September 1st, 2022 and December 31st, 2022, all staff are required to attend required professional development sessions. Angela’s Seeds will cover the cost of all required training. The Assistant Teacher will be paid to attend professional development workshops and to collaborate together to develop the curriculum at a rate of $21/hour for approximately 52 hours of work.    

    Operational Period: Full time teaching position begins January 3rd, 2022. The starting salary is $41,500 a year with benefits including covering tuition costs for additional education and certification. 


    The Angela Day School was started by a devoted group of parents and teachers committed to redefining public education by providing a holistic antiracist progressive education to all children regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and ability. Our goal is to strategically and systematically eliminate the academic and disciplinary disparities faced by students of color in Minneapolis. To get there, we reimagine what education should look like, focusing specifically on providing a space where children are immersed in an environment where they learn how to learn and how to think. We accomplish this by providing a holistic progressive education anchored in antiracist teaching principles while utilizing a laboratory school model to provide ample space for innovation. The program is comprehensive in nature, providing a rich whole child learning experience beyond the usual traditional subjects and learning model, including multilingual learning, outdoor education, and subjects like handwork and woodwork.  And the entire experience is enriched by providing space for authentic place-based learning on an agriculturally sustainable urban laboratory farm.

    Mission: As part of our mission we are committed to honoring children and childhood through whole child development; preparing each child to be endlessly curious, lifelong learners and future stewards of humanity.

    Vision: We envision fostering a vibrant, innovative, multiracial, multilingual, and multi-ability community of socially conscious change agents, collaborators and lifelong learners.


    Job inquiries  and questions should be directed to Dianna Myles.  Applications should be submitted through our online job application found here. Applicants must submit a resume, letter of interest, and three references. More information about our parent organization can be found at www.theangeladayschool.org.

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