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The Angela Day School - Pedagogista and Lead Teacher

  • 12 Jan 2022 1:20 PM
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    Pedagogista and Lead Teacher

    The Angela Day School is seeking an experienced educator to serve as the Administrative Coordinator for Antiracist Curriculum and Programming (ACACP). The ACACP is a leadership position for a lead teacher. The ACACP will serve as a founding lead teacher for a Spanish Immersion 1st/2nd grade class. Existing both within and without the Administrative and Academic Branches of Governance, the ACACP is responsible for holding the school accountable for fulfilling its charter mandate to be an antiracist school. The ACACP works in collaboration with fellow teacher leaders and the Pedagogical Director to implement a decolonized curricular framework and standards for learning. The ACACP also works closely with the administration to ensure school policies and programming are aligned with the school’s antiracist goals. As a member of the Consortium, the governing body of the school’s academic branch, the ACACP is a joint faculty administrative role, held by a lead teacher. The ACACP may also help pilot the teacher residency program. As the school grows the ACACP will transition from a lead teaching position to a supporting co-lead teacher position. 

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